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Nicaragua has seven percent of the world's biodiversity and it also has the second largest rainforest in the Americas. About 20 percent of its territory is protected as national parks or biological reserves.

Major cities include:



Nicaragua most likely takes its name from an indigenous community leader of 1522 named Nicarao. Nicaragua declared independence from Spain in 1821 and for a short period of time belonged to the Mexican Empire of Agustin de Iturbide.


Capital: Managua

Climate: The country stays warm and pleasant all year round, so it is an ideal place to visit for those looking for a warm climate.

Currency: Gold Cordoba - Currently 1 NIO = 0.0611 USD

Languages: Spanish and English.

Power: 120 V, 60 Hz

Time Zone: Standard Time -0600 UTC


There is no shortage of beaches in Nicaragua. One of the premiere beach resorts is located in the city of Montelimar, which is about an hour drive from the capital city of Managua. There are resorts with modern amenities such as: beach bars, jacuzzis, gyms, hairdressers, massage services, gift shops, pharmacies, jewelry boutiques, travel agencies, terraces and gardens, a small zoo, a discotheque, and casinos. There are also many outdoor activities to choose from, including: tennis, soccer, and horseback riding. Just outside the town of Masaya is Masaya National Park, which houses an active volcano. Masaya is also famous for its artesian markets, which demonstrate wood and leather working, and showcase beautiful hammocks.


Go to Little Corn Island, where land crabs come out at night. Las Calabazas and Rancho de Pancho are open air nightclubs that offer good food, rum, and dancing, which feels completely natural in this ambience. Cafe Amtl provides its visitors with good Latin music and Fridays at Managua is the perfect place to grab a bite and drinks.


Nicaragua is full of small and comfortable hotels, such as Hotel Casa Naranja. Hotel Casa Marquez is another option that has excellent service and a kind staff. Well-known hotels like the Intercontinental Real Metrocentro Managua are also available, although it might be a little more expensive in comparison to other hotels in town. If you are not staying long try out Hotel Los Robles, a small hotel with all the amenities.

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