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Even though the official language is Spanish, it is often spoken as a second language, whereas 23 distinct Mayan languages are spoken, especially in rural areas.

Major cities located in the southern half of Guatemala include Guatemala City the capital city, Quetzaltenango and Escuintla.


After 36 years of armed conflict (1960-1996),has managed to achieve the "democracy" standard.


This country has a very diverse ecosystem and culture which makes it a huge touristic destination in the region.

Capital: Guatemala City

Languages: Spanish

Power: 120 V, 60 Hz

Time Zone: Standard Time -0600 UTC

Currency: Quetzal - Currently 1 GTQ = 0.1317 USD

Climate: Tropical weather with hot days and cooler nights, though you will find the climate much cooler up in the mountains.


"La Aurora National Zoo" is a must if you are on family vacations. go to the "Edificio de Correos Central" to experience the historic center. the central market is perfect if you wanna buy some souveniers. "Palacio Nacional" and "Centro Cultural Miguel Angel Asturias-Teatro Nacional" are also attractions.


"Bar El Establo" has a german owner and is the perfect place to grab a beer and some food. Go to "Antigua" which is full of clubs and restaurants. "Brass Beer and Co. serves good beer. "Europa" offers fine cocktails and beers (owned by an American). "Metropole" is a gay bar where people from all ages are gathered. Finally, "NYX" is probably the best place in Guatemala City if you are looking for night of dancing and drinking (dress code: nice and waite in line).


"Hotel Vista Real Guatemala" is far away fron city's center. Nevertheless is one of the most beautiful hotels in town. Excellent service and food, nice bedrooms and all. "The Westin Camino Real" is a fabulous hotel with equally beautiful facilities.


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