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Cabo San Lucas Mexico

By Donald Anthony

Located at the southern tip of the Baja, California, peninsula in the municipality of Los Cabos in the state of Baja California Sur, this small city has numerous resorts and timeshare clubs along the coast between San Lucas and San José del Cabo.

"And so it begins...twin children had the father, could he love one and not the other?"

I had the good fortune to visit two Starwood Hotels and Resorts properties in Cabo San Lucas. Each was so individual in atmosphere as to almost not be in competition except for the outstanding service. The staff of the two hotels went beyond their job descriptions to assure me a good time. From the chefs preparing meals to the folks maintaining the beaches and gardens, good service accompanied their smiles. Their passion for good service became my passion to enjoy it.

Safety and security has been a recent issue in Mexico and it was also on my mind. The airport in Cabo San Lucas is small and easy to navigate, but there are two exits so check the signs. I misread a sign, went out the wrong exit and waited a time until the hotel shuttle driver found me.

Both hotels are reached from the airport by way of a modern road and have two guarded entryways. The first is to get into the general complex; the second is to get on the hotel campus. Each requires a stop and identification by the driver. Also while on campus, there are security guards looking to make certain the guests are able to enjoy themselves. In no way obtrusive, the security guards wander around barely being noticed among the many maintenance workers who primp and polish the hotels daily. It is obvious that each worker takes ownership for their piece of the vacation amenities. At the Sheridan Hacienda, the concierge even remembered my name making certain to pronounce it clearly and distinctly, each time I passed.

Hacienda Del Mar
Hacienda Del Mar

The Sheridan - Hacienda Del Mar

The hotel is designed in the Mexican Colonial Architecture style, with the units surrounding it like a small village. Like being in your own village

They even have a private wedding Chapel! Destination weddings at the Hacienda are growing in popularity and help in the planning is provided every step of the way; from the traditional to beachfront, from ceremony to food.

 The Wedding Chapel
The Wedding Chapel

The colonial architectural design follows through in the various gardens where plants are labeled, fountains hidden away and wandering pathways lead to various pools, dinning and recreational facilities. The design lends itself to privacy and adventure. To wander the paths is like entering a botanical garden with exotic plants, songbirds galore and one early morning woodpecker who apparently left his watch at home.

Westin Resort and Spa - Cabo San Lucas

The Westin
The Westin Resort and Spa
The Arch as architectural inspiration
The Arch as Architectural Inspiration

Here is a different side of the architectural impact on a vacation. Sordo Magdaleno has designed a resort in tone with a contemporary Mexico: the Mexico of a faster pace and changing social culture, right on the cutting edge of what's enjoyable in a vacation atmosphere. The hotel greets you right from the main road by being on top of a hill. As the road winds up to the entrance, don't be fooled. Huge boulders, large desert cacti, and an almost desert atmosphere lead the eye to what seems to be a low rise earth brown building.


After checking in, the lobby opens up to a breathtaking bowl shaped display of gardens, color and a nine story building with ambling pathways leading down to the ocean beach. It is a contemporary design with colors that shout out sun, sand, surf and sky! Take it all! The resort also seems to shout out:” Worship the sun, NOW!" Have fun, NOW!" And at that urging we let loose for real fun. This is the place to be adventurous, relax, eat, and relax again. Three restaurants under the direction of Chef Maria Elena Soros, give each meal as an opportunity for adventure.

If your thoughts about Mexican cuisine include the word "taco", then get down here and bring your taste buds. This could very easily be just an eating trip: Sleep, walk to a restaurant, eat and start over.

The flowing line of the many pools, leading down to the beach where swimming is continuously monitored for safety, due to the water undertows that occasionally occur. The sand is monitored for cleanliness.

I suppose I could make a big deal about the spirit and senses being renewed at the Starwood Hotels and Resorts... but you knew that already, since that's the reason you are going.

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