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Brazil Travel Guide


Brazil is a Portuguese-speaking country in South America. It's the largest nation in South America and the 5th largest country in the world. Brazil is home to a booming population and unique culture. Its main attractions are its world famous beaches, but it is also known for its talented football team and for being the birthplace of many of the world's most stunning fashion models. The scenery in Brazil is amazing, with magnificent beaches and stretches of breathtaking tropical rainforests. Brazil is home to beautiful waterfalls and the gigantic Amazon River.

Major cities include:

Sao Paulo

Rio de Janeiro

Belo Horizonte


Capital: Brasilia

Climate: Brazil is mostly tropical so expect beautiful, hot, humid weather with frequent downpours of rain. Sao Paolo and Belo Horizonte have very mild climates, averaging 66°F (19°C), while Rio de Janeiro has a warm climate balanced by the constancy of the Trade Winds.

Currency: Real - Currently 1 BRL = 0.4158 USD

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.

Power: 110 V to 120 V and 220 V, 60 Hz

Time Zone: Standard Time -0300 UTC

Some helpful phrases:

Você fala Inglês? (Do you speak English?)

Eu não falo Português? (I do not speak Portuguese.)

Meu nome é....., (My name is______.)

Delegacia de polícia (Police station)


Carnaval: Carnaval is one of the busiest, but most popular times to travel to Brazil. If you're making a trip down to South America, put this event at the top of your list.

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