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Xenia Ohio

Established in 1803, Xenia takes its name from the Greek word for "hospitality" and that's exactly what visitors will find in this small historic town. The 257 acres upon which this town rests was originally purchased by its founder John Paul for only $250, yet Xenia now serves as the county seat of Greene County. Once home of the Shawnee Indians, Xenia is known for its lovely scenery and exciting, stormy weather.

Visitors to Xenia often find the Little Miami State Park and Bike Trail a must-see attraction. This park is only 66 feet wide, but spans 70 miles in length. Part of this trail consists of what remains of the historic Xenia Station, the first railroad to be built in Xenia during the early 19th century.

Xenia has also made an impact on popular culture. The films "Gummo" and "Who's Your Daddy?" have been shot on location in Xenia. Stephen King has also referenced Xenia in his famous novels "The Talisman" and "The Stand".

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