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What A Nineteen Year Old Has To Say

By Kaitlyn Davis

My sister Whitney and I hastily walked along the bridge, over the moat which had long since dried up, and entered the realm of the Tower of London. Our family was slow to catch up, so we waited, taking goofy picture of each other. When they had caught up, we walked over to the first building on our right, which turned out to be the old living quarters of the Royal family.

We began to enter the building, but my father called us to a halt. We all turned and groaned as he went to buy an information headset. Like every other place in England, they offered headsets and there was no way my father was going to pass up the opportunity. He looked like a goof with them on, but soon he was spitting out information to all of us.

The building we had entered was called the 'Bloody Tower' because it turned out that there were ghosts in the Tower, the ghosts of two little boys. Two illegitimate sons of Edward IV were placed in the tower by Richard III, and both princes were never seen again. They were presumed to have died, and the way Shakespeare put it, the cunningly evil Richard III had them slaughtered.

I could tell my sister Whitney was falling prey to extreme boredom as I watched her practically fall asleep while leaning against an old wall. Unlike the rest of our family, she couldn't care less about history or ghosts or anything my father was telling us. I walked over to hang out with her, when I saw her eyes go wide and her mouth open in shock.

"What is it Whit?" I asked, and she held open her hand. A little piece of the wall rested in her palm, and I started dying of laughter. Where countless wars and armies failed, Whitney had succeeded...she was destroying the Tower! My whole family had a great laugh at her expense, and then moved on, lest a guard come cart us away for, let's just call it, entering and breaking.

My father continued to awe us with old stories about the grounds as we walked around. We saw huge Ravens resting on signs and on the grass. My father listened in his headphones, then told us that the Ravens were almost removed by Charles II. However, the king heard a legend that if the ravens were sent away, the monarchy and the Kingdom of England would fall. What people failed to realize, but my dad pointed out, was that the monarchy was currently cheating...their wings had been clipped!

Next, at the pushing of my mother and oldest sister, we were all rushed into the crown jewels building. I wasn't very excited, until we turned the corner and stepped onto the conveyor belt...and holy mother of God! Some of those stones were as big as my fist! I couldn't believe my eyes as we were slowly brought past the jewels, they were unreal. Images flashed in my head of being draped in these for court ceremonies, and I didn't think I would be able to stand let alone walk with them on! We each went back around and looked at all of the gems two or three more times, until we feared the guards would forcibly remove us from the room.

Back in the damp English air, my family decided to go to the Royal Armory, which was really the last place we had left to visit. We wandered through the halls, looking at swords and other weapons that definitely could have delivered some pain. The most ridiculous thing, which made me want to crack up, was how puny the knights were. I couldn't get over it! I had images of Richard Gere as Lancelot or Health Ledger as Sir William Thatcher, but what I saw was tiny little armor that wouldn't have even fit me!

That's when I came upon the biggest suit of armor I had ever seen, which could have probably fit three of me, and a gigantic model of horses armor too. What in the world? I thought, and my Dad told me it was the armor of Henry V. At first I was a little confused, wasn't he the King that had like a million wives and was quite a player? I realized, he had fallen to the fate of many men, they never look at good when they're older! The King had gained a lot of meat on those bones, and perhaps a beer belly (or whiskey as the case may be)...even Kings couldn't escape old age!

We had finished with the Tower of London, and all in all it was a pretty fun trip. With a few pictures of the Tower of London Bridge, we were done and went back to the car that was waiting for us outside the gates.

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