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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is, by name, one of the best-known buildings in the world. It is one of the oldest large cathedrals and has been the scene for many joyous and sad occasions in recent years. It was already being built under Edward the Confessor before the Normans under the William, Duke of Normandy, won the Battle of Hastings against Kind Harold of England.

It has a long and eventful history and has attained even more fame in the worldwide bestseller "The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Though the outside of the Abbey might be shown in the film based on this thriller, entrance to the inside was forbidden to the film crew.

In fact Lincoln Cathedral which is where some of the inside scenes were filmed is built in the Gothic tradition but is a very much smaller building than the Abbey.

I can first remember it from Queen Elizabeth II's magnificent Coronation on June 2, 1953. Though their was no television at the time, the British made a wonderful film of the proceedings filled with ancient rituals and ceremonies and hinting at the many duties that the young queen, then already the mother of two children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, had to take up. It was pomp and pageantry in its ultimate glory.

Then it was the place where the first wedding took place for the next generation of Royals. In 1973, Princess Anne married Mark Phillips, an army lieutenant, in a joyous ceremony.

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