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Venice Beach

Venice is a district in Los Angeles known for its liberal attitude and eclectic mix of people. Venice is practically an oceanfront circus, where bodybuilders who work out at Venice’s Muscle Beach, hippies, Rastafarians, local artists who sell their work on the beach, and people with brightly colored hair, tattooed and pierced skin go to hang out. Street performers range from fortunetellers to comedians to mimes. Pick-up sports games are common at Venice’s basketball, handball, and ping-pong courts. Teens armed with cans of spray paint can express themselves legally at Venice Beach – a few designated walls welcome artistic expression and encourage people to paint or draw on them.

While most people use cars getting around Los Angeles, walking, skating, or bicycle riding are the preferred methods of getting around on Venice Beach. You can only use a car in the alleys behind the homes, located right on the beach. The streets in Venice are very narrow, and there are many canals.

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