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Tucson Arizona

Tucson is a wonderful southern Arizona city, with picturesque desert sights all around.

The weather is hot during the summer (May to August) with temperatures that can rise to 110 degrees with very little humidity, and cold in the winter, with day temperatures in the 50s and night temperatures that can drop to below freezing.

Snow can even be found on [Mount Lemmon, Arizona| Mount Lemmon]] during the winter, and ski slopes are open to skiiers and snowboarders. Mount Lemmon is just a 45 minute drive from Tucson.

Year-round, the desert can turn from very warm to very cold at an extremely fast rate so be sure to come prepared.

Tucson boasts many attractions for visitors with a broad range of interests, including the Barrio?, the Tucson Museum of Art?, and the St. Augustine Carthedral?.

Other interesting sites include the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum?, the Old Tuscon Studios?, the San Xavier de Bac Mission?, and the Saguaro National Park.

Tucson, also known as "The Old Pueblo," is also a hotspot for golfers, who frequent places like the Arizona National Golf Club, the Forty-Niner Golf and Country Club, or the Catalina Club, among dozens of others.

The cuisine in Tucson is largely Sonoran, and delicious Mexican food can be found at various locations around the city.

Sonoran hot dogs, wrapped in Mesquite-smoked bacon and topped with tomatoes, onions, shredded cheese, red chile sauce and pinto beans, can often be a fun treat unique to the region. They are easily found in south Tucson, either by street vendors or restaurants.

It's close proximity to the Mexico border, only 60 miles away, makes for easy day travel to the border city of Nogales, Mexico for inexpensive shopping and dining.

Since Tucson is also surrounded by many mountain ranges that have trails fit for biking and hiking, these sports are widely popular, reflected in events such as El Tour de Tucson, a 72 or 25-mile bike tour that attracts thousands or professionals and bike enthusiasts to Tucson.

The Gem and Mineral Show, which occurs every February in the Old Pueblo, also attracts thousands of visitors from other countries who gather in Tucson during the last stop of the Gem Show, which travels around the world.

Visiting Tucson during the Gem Show can often be rewarding, providing great opportunities for shopping and networking, although lodging accomodations can be difficult to find, especially near downtown or the University of Arizona.

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