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Trinidad And Tobago


The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is an small island nation of 1.3 million people, off the northern coast of Venezuela, with Port of Spain as its capital. The nation enjoys a recently surging tourism industry, due to its tropical climate, as well as low rate of inflation and the strength of the Trinidad and Tobago dollar, which circulates at a rate of 1 USD = 6.3 TT$.

Tourism and manufacturing are considerably important to the local economy. This country is also the place where calypso music was born.


Trinidad is a great destination when it comes to hiking, marvelous rainforests, fishing, cycling, kayaking or simply admaring the wildlife filled forests. This island have been signaled as a biodiversity and birdwatching paradise due to the variety of bird species, reptiles, mammals and butterflies to be found. Trinidad has an incredible mixture of different cultures, that is why its culinary fare is famous and well recognized for the presence of flavours from India, China and Africa to Europe and Syria. Food festivals have become incredibly popular in town and restaurants and bars are located everywhere.

As well as Trinidad, Tobago itself has won several eco awards being named #1 Eco-Destination in the Caribbean. A great time to visit this island would be in September when the Carnival or Tobago Fest takes place. Golf lovers will also find their place in Tobago. The Mount Irvine Golf Course and the Tobago Plantation Golf Course offer beautiful landscapes and a tranquil environment. Another must are the beaches of Tobago. From secluded beaches to beaches surrounded by modern facilities and life guards, all have in common their beauty.


The official language is english and is the most industrialized country in the caribbean with an economy based on petroleum. A great time to visit is when the preLenten Carinival takes place which is two days before Ash Wednesday (around march). In Trinidad and Tobago, various ethnic groups find their place: Africans, Indians, Venezuelans, Spaniards, Creoles, French, Italians, Portuguese, Chinese, Britons, Lebanese, Syrians and Caribs.

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