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Trenton New Jersey


Located almost at the center of New Jersey, Trenton is the state's capital. It is the site for George Washington's famous victory, his first, over the Hessian soldiers after crossing the Delaware river from Washington's Crossing in Pennsylvania.

Once a huge manufacturing center, the "Trenton Makes Bridge," a bridge over the Delaware displaying Trenton's motto at that time - "Trenton Makes the World Takes" - is still standing.

The Trenton Titans, a New York Yankee minor league affiliate team, as well as the Trenton Titans, a feeder for the Philadelphia Flyers, play in Trenton, in two impressive new facilities.


The area of Trenton was settled by Quakers in 1679. This was the site of Washington's first victory during the Revolutionary War. It was supposed to be the capitol of the United States until Southern representatives perfered a location South of the Mason-Dixon Line. It became the state capitol in 1790 and a major manufacturing center during the late 1800s-1900s.


New Jersey State Museum
Old Barrack's Museum
Trenton War Memorial?



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