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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is named after the infamous battle of Trafalgar where the British Navy defeated Napoleon with the great help of General Nelson, who has a monument in the center of the square. The statue is surrounded at its base by four bronze lions. The lions are a popular spot for visitors to climb up and take photos.

The Square is in the center of England and is surrounded by three streets and steps leading to the National Gallery. The streets lead to Buckingham Palace through the Admiralty Arch, Downing Street where the Prime Minister resides and even to the House of Parliament. St. Martin-in-the-fields is a church on the Square which is also worth a visit.

Also in Trafalgar Square is a statue of King Charles I on his horse. This statue stands on the original site of the Eleanor Cross (a memorial for Eleanor of Castile) and is the point from which all distance in London is measured.

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