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Tower Of London

The Tower of London has been many things, ranging from being a royal palace to a prison, which featured several brutal tortures. The dungeons, torture techniques, armour and soldiers all portray Henry VIII's reign.

Today the Tower of London is a popular tourist destination and the place to see the royal jewels of Her Majesty, the Queen of England. It is a place with a truly fascinating history and no visit to the Tower of London would be complete without a tour from a Beefeater, properly known as a Yeomen Warder. Technically, they are responsible for keeping prisoners and guarding the crown jewels. Today, they act as tour guides and are not only incredibly knowledgeable, but delightfully entertaining.

If you are interested in Henry VIII's reign, torture techniques and punishment from the past, or the Queen's jewels this attraction is for you. If these are not high priorities, you should look into other museums, castles or tourist sites in order to make the most of your time.

Keep an eye out for large Ravens, they are said to protect England. Make sure they don't fly away, or you might witness London getting invaded by her enemies, as the legend goes.

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