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Topeka Kansas


Located in Shawnee County, Topeka is the capital city of Kansas and is the seventh most livable city in the Midwest.

Topeka has more than 90 parks and recreational facilities. Some of these parks and recreational facilities are located at McKinley Park, Crestview Park and Gage Park. Gage Park includes the Topeka Zoo, a carousel, a mini train horseshoe court, an amphitheater, and a fishing pond.


In the 1840's, three half Kansas Indian sisters established a ferry service across the Kansas River to the place which is now Topeka. Travelers along the Oregon Trail took advantage of this reliable pasage. Topeka wasn't established until 1854 when the first cabin was completed. This became a landing for steamboats and a commercial hub by the 1860s. The city was chosen as the capital in 1861 after the state was officailly inducted into the Union.

During the Brown vs. The Board of Education case, this city was the home of the plaintiff, Linda Brown. The site of the segregated school which sparked this is now a National historic site.


Local art and entertainment includes the Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn and the Helen Hocker Center for Performing Arts. Other fun activities include watching movies at theaters such as Cinema Plaza 6, Liberty Hall, and more, attending concerts and other events held at the Kansas Expocentre and visiting historical sites such as the Old Prairie Town at Ward Meade.

Kansas History Museum
Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site and Museum



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