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Tirana Albania


Located in central Albania on the Ishm River, the capital city of Tirana is Albania's largest city and its principal political, commercial, manufacturing, and cultural center.


The city was founded in 1614 by Sulejman Pasha as part of the Ottoman Empire. Throughout most of its history the city has been an important destination on local caravan routes. Albania gained its independence in 1912 and Tirana became Albania's capital in 1920.


National History Museum: This is one of the most popular sights in Tirana. Ccome along and explore some of the history of this wonderful and unique country.

Skenderbeg Castle: This is the main landmark in Tirana. You can explore the castle and get lost in its history.

Ancient Ruins: Come and see the ruins set inside the fortress of Justinian.


Here in Tirana you will find delightfully hospitable people and a madly colorful, art-driven renaissance.

The area around Tirana has been inhabited since the neolithic age. On the mountainside of Dajti are the remains of an ancient castle, which happens to be the castle mentioned by Byzantine historian Prokop as the castle of Tirkan, dating back to the first century B.C. There was a system of castles on the surrounding hills (Petrel, Prez, Ndroq, Fark, etc.) that served as protection for Durrs and Kruja. The oldest discovery in the area of Tirana was a mosaic with several other remains of buildings of antiquity, found at the Kroi i Shngjinit (Fountain of Shngjin).

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