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An Island of Mystery and Wonder

Taiwan is gorgeous and the culture, the sights, and the wonders will enthrall you.

Things to see and do

Festivals Galore!

Dragon Boat Festival

Sharing the Holy Incense Fire

Taipei Lantern Festival

The Romantic Radiance of Chinese Culture

Alishan's Sea of Clouds

Alishan is known for it's beautiful views of sharp rocky peaks jutting out of a sea of fluffy clouds. In the morning you will be enthralled by this incredible view as you recognise it as it is said these cliffs are what inspired traditional Chinese ink painters in their realistic portrayals of mountains shrouded in mist.

Alishan's Forests

The forests of Alishan, with their wonderful old cedar trees and pines, present a sharp contrast to the tropical palms and banana plants of the plains around Chiayi.

Green Island

A beautiful volcanic island surrounded in clear blue water is what you will find at Green Island. Green Island was once known as Huoshautao whose literal meaning is "fire-burning island."


Taiwan offers all levels of accomodations, from backpackers inns and camping grounds to 5-star hotels.

Travel Tip There are precautions that you can take to ensure you have a wonderful holiday, such as making sure all your shots are up to date, and drinking bottled water. Always read the travellers websites before going to keep updated.

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