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Syracuse, New York Travel Guide


Syracuse, New York is a place of culture, art, and recreation. It is a great place to come if one is looking to see a jazz concert or see masks imported all the way from Italy. The city also holds a grand amount of parks such as Thornden Park and a zoo to entertain the younger crowd.


The Erie Canal used to run through Syracuse. After its reconstruction, the Syracuse stretch of the canal was left empty. It was filled in by roads, such as Erie Boulevard. The reflecting pool in downtown Syracuse marks the location of the original canal.

Several inventions were discovered in Syracuse, including the serrated knife in 1919, the dental chair in the 19th century and the device that measures what size your shoe should be.


Syracuse receives more snow than any other city in the country. It averages more than 115 inches a year due to large amounts of lake effect snow. Temperatures are also known to drop into the negatives during the winter months, although they averages above 80 degrees in the summer months.


Carousel Center
Carrier Dome
Ice Skating
Landmark Theatre
Marshall Street
MOST Museum
State Fair
Syracuse University
War Memorial OnCenter


The famous Dinosaur BBQ is located in downtown Syracuse and features delicious Barbecue food. It is the original Dinosaur BBQ (there is another in Harlem, NY).

Pastabilities is located near Armory Square in downtown Syracuse and boasts superior Italian cuisine.

Sakana-Ya Sushi Bar in downtown Syracuse is a rotary sushi bar, where food comes around on a conveyor belt-style device. Color coded plates let you know how much each dish costs. Food is not kept on rotation too long, so it is always fresh. Great food and a hip atmosphere make this restaurant a must.


The Syracuse University owned Sheraton Hotel is located on the Syracuse University Campus just up the street from the Whitman School of Management. Make reservations early for popular university weekends, like Parents Weekend and Commencement.

Many hotels are located in the Carrier Circle.


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