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Wow, what a visually spectacular country! This is certainly a wonderful country to visit and the people are so friendly. Switzerland has basically everything on offer. If you're into the great outdoors this is a country you certainly cant miss. It has some of the best skiing available in the world. You can also Trek through the amazing mountains, swim in an icy cold crystal clear stream or go mountain biking along some of the most spectacular trails out there.

Life in Switzerland is heavily influenced by the countries that surround it: Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. The language, food and culture change from one part of Switzerland to the next; German-speaking areas have adapted much of German culture, and so on. Traveling through Switzerland can be a remarkable experience, giving the feeling of traveling to several different countries as you cross through one nation.








CLIMATE: The weather in Switzerland is mostly cold so rug up

Currency: Franc - Currently 1 CHF = 0.7780 USD

Capital: Bern

Time Zone: DST +0200 UTC

Languages: German, French, Italian and Romansch

Power: 230 V, 50 Hz


Summer Mountain Tips

Autumn Walks in Switzerland

Museum of Natural History in Basel

Museum Castle

Zoo Goldau



Hotel Senator

Best Western Hotel Krone

Fassbind Hotel Cristal


Checkmate, Senor! Ahh, the sense of victory is great. Standing here in this valley, I feel like I have conquered the world. For I look around and I am in a dream. It's like living in a fairy tale. I have become a character in Alice and Wonderland. I have finally found paradise, here in this small village of Interlaken. Snapping out of my euphoria from my brilliant win, I walk through the courtyard at Balmer's and find a place to rest. I can not believe I am here. A week before, I was at a mundane job in Richmond and now I am in Switzerland, living the high life. Who could ever believe it? I also see many others milling about that have found the same sense of calmness as I have. Swaying in the hammock, I really do believe this is the place of dreams. Straight up, there are white, puffy clouds that could entrance you all day. For one second, you see a giraffe and you blink your eyes and the giraffe turns into a race car. Oh, what a feeling. I lean over to grab my cold beer and paradise again. The snow covered peaks of the Swiss Alps. Is my Heidi up there with her St Bernard waiting for me? I hope so, but she will have to wait. For my beer has to be finished and my brain has to etch the postcards into my mind. The most vivid is of myself here in shorts enjoying the sun coming over the snow covered mountain range. I steady myself as I lean out of the white hammock and head to the life size chess board once again. Everything around here is larger than life. When I leave this town, I will be in reality once again. No more playing Alice. As I set up the oversized rooks and pawns for another game, I just smile.

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