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Stirling Scotland

Once a former capital of the Kingdom of Scotland, the city of Stirling is grouped around Stirling Castle? and a medieval old town. Historically, Stirling was a strategic hold during the Roman occupation of Britain, and the site for the Battle of Stirling during the Civil War in 1648.

Better known though (and often embellished) are the Battle of Stirling Bridge and Battle at Bannockburn (a small village outside of Stirling), where the English and Scottish clashed in the 14th century. The first of these battles in the Scottish War for Independence was the epic fight in which legend William Wallace defeated the better prepared, larger English army. The latter, at Bannockburn, was the Scots' decisive victory, ending the war and solidifying Robert the Bruce's seat on the throne of Scotland.

While Robert the Bruce is celebrated for his victory, Wallace's portrayal as a commoner has earned him almost cult worship, and the more prominent monument in Stirling. The National Wallace Monument is a 246 step tower that provides expansive views of the surrounding area, and also houses artifacts said to be Wallace's, including a 5-foot, 4-inch claymore.

Stirling also is home to Stirling University, and the town itself has developed a substantial retail sector. A number of 9- and 18-hole golf courses can also be found in the area.

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