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Sports Serbia And Montenegro

Hiking and Mountaineering

Serbia's staggering mountain peaks and mysterious forests present a real challenge for alpinists, climbers, or anyone who wishes to get a bit of fresh mountain air.

Rudnik Mountain

The Rudnik Mountain, which dominates Serbia's central region Sumadija, is located some 100 km south from Belgrade. The highest peak is Veliki Sturac (1132 m). Rudnik has a total of eight peaks that are higher than 1000 meters. Rudnik was declared a climate spa in 1922 because of its superb climate conditions - the great number of sunny days a year, air currents, high level of air ionization, and unspoiled nature. All hiking-mountaineering routes on Rudnik Mountain are marked.

Horseback Riding

If you decide to visit one of the horse farms in Serbia - Zobnatica, Karadjordjevo, Kelebija or Ljubicevo - you would not only get familiar with horse-breeding and history of horse racing here, but you would also be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the farms' pleasant atmosphere.


A visitor will find that Serbia's mountains have superb skiing slopes and high-quality ski lifts. The slopes are convenient for skiiers, snowboarding, mono-ski, snowmobile, or night skiing. Numerious night bars and restaurants offer entertainment in the evening hours.

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