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So much to do, so little time

At first glance, Singapore appears shockingly modern and anonymous, but this is an undeniably Asian city. Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions run abound, ranging from feng shui to ancestor worship, creating part of the everyday landscape. It's these contrasts that bring the city to life.


Capital: Singapore

Climate: You will find a tropical climate that is very hot humid and wet most of the year round.

Languages: Chinese, Malay and English

Time Zone: UTC + 8

Currency: Singapore Dollar

Power: 230 V 50 Hz


Singapore is well-known for the country, where you can shop til you drop. If shopping is not your thing try the Asian Civilization Museum. This museum is formed by three museums of the National Museums of Singapore. Being the most established museum in the region, it focuses on exhibits and origins in Asia's cultures and evolution.

Also of interest is Escape Theme Park, which is located at the west end of Singapore and the Jurong Bird Park, which is the largest and most remarkable bird park in Southeast Asia. The park opened on January 3, 1971 and will certainly fascinate and impress you with its variety of 9,000 birds.

Another place to visit is Kent Ridge Park, with its 47 hectares. This park offers you the most magnificent views of the off-shore islands such as the Pulau Duran Darat. Filled with Tembusu, Acacias, and Dillenias trees, you will certainly enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of the park.



Singapore attracts people from all over the globe because of its rich culture, amazing shopping, and beautiful scenery. Singapore also has world class hotel accommodations, since lodging is priced to suit any budget. Furthermore, children are always welcome and most tours and day trips can be booked through the hotel.


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