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Savannah Georgia

Savannah is paradise! Moss-covered branches stretch over the thin streets. Horse and buggy carriages clip-clop with doe-eyed passengers; romance is in the air! Quaint book shops are on every corner.

Native Georgian Flannery O'Conner's home is open for visitors with, of course, a book store across the street.

Many of the antiquated downtown homes have been refurbished. The owners have preserved their charm and coziness.

At night, it is said, in Savannah, things change. Storytellers roam the town with eager listeners following them about looking and listening quietly for one of the many hauntings. The locals swear to have seen a little girl crying in the the square, but then, so many of the houses are said to be haunted.

Savannah lost her annonymity when Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was filmed there. It is based on the the true story of a murder that took place just off one of the main squares.

If you aren't into ghost stories, go down to the pier and enjoy jazz and a little clubbing. Great local seafood will go down easy. You'll sleep just right in one of the luxury hotels in a room with a view of the Savannah River.

Need a break from the tranquility of the city? Take a quick 30-minute ride over to the beach at Tybee Island and catch some rays.

Savannah is one of the originial 13 Colonies and is rich with history. The historic district is laid out in a grid pattern, so it is extremely easy to navigate. Walking, trolley and horse drawn carriage tours are all readily available. The architecture makes for beautiful scenery.

Dining: Savannah is also a city with a large variety of great restaurants. One of which is The Lady and Sons Restaurant, featuring Food Network chef Paula Deen's famous Southern home cooking. Savannah also has a vibrant night life. The Moon River Brewing Company on Bay St. is a good place to start your evening out. If you're on your own or not sure were to go, you can take the Savannah By Foot 'Creepy Pub Crawl' walking tour.

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