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Saudi Arabia


What comes to mind when you think about Saudi Arabia? Desert, horses, swashbuckling Arab Princes? It actually is all of that! There is much history and culture to explore in Saudi Arabia; however, due to the element of danger for tourists, it is not commonly recommended or visited. Should you decide to visit, check out the below attractions.



Capital: Riyadh.

Climate: Saudi is basically in the middle of the desert so expect it to be hot and dry.

Time Zone: UTC + 3

Power: 127 / 220 V, 60 Hz

Languages: Arabic and English

Currency: Saudi Riyal


National Museum

The state-of-the-art National Museum has eight fascinating galleries that detail the story of Arabia's history. There are rebuilt Dilmun tombs, fragments of rock art and models of old Dir'aiyah. This museum is something to see with push button prompts, virtual visits to ancient sites, small-screen cinemas and audio commentary in English. It will not only fascinate the children but will make you want to go back.


This deserted village, a fascinating remnant of old Arabia, is like no place on earth. The scenery from the climbing cable-car rates is among one of the best views you'll see of Saudi.

Madain Saleh

Take the time out of your trip to come and visit Madain Saleh. It is home to 131 tombs, 45 of which carry inscriptions in late Aramaic script above the doors. Madain Saleh was chosen as the second city of Petra in Jordan by the The Nabataeans. The tombs have been excellently preserved and simply amazing to visit.




Saudi, being one of the richest countries in the world, has the most incredible choice of hotels and alternate accommodations available. Priced to suit all budgets, you will not be disappointed.


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