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Santorini Greece


Santorini mimics the general climate of the Mediterranean: a great deal of sunshine during the year with mild winters. The warm and dry season runs from April to October, while the cooler, rainy season runs from November until the end of March.


The Wine Museum: There are several other museums in Santorini that will explain to travelers the history of the island and the culture. However, one of the best ways to really understand and appreciate a culture is through their food and drink. What better way to get to know the natives of Santorini than through the history and production of wine, a staple, and a constant, in their diets for centuries! This wine museum is located on the property of Volcan Wines, a family owned winery. Visitors will leave with a knowledge of wine production and importance traced back from 1660 to 1950, and will leave you with a thirst for the local beverage.

The Volcano/ The Youngest Islands in the Eastern Mediterrean: The two youngest islands in the Eastern Mediterrean are located right next to Santorini. Palea Kameni is less than 2,000 years old, and Nea Kameni is only 425 years old. While this may not seem too recent, in the history of volcanic islands, these two are babies. The creation of these islands displays the most recent activity of the volcano.

Hiking Tour: Hiking is the perfect activity to do in Santorini, as travelers can really appreciate the land, the view, and stop anytime they want to take that one picture that sums up the beauty of the island. For a long hike, you can walk from Fira to Oia in about 3 hours. If you don't feel confident navigating by yourself, hiking guides can be booked to show you the best routes around the island.


As much as some people picture Santorini as a quiet, traditional, cozy town, they are forgetting one important fact: the Greeks love the nightlife! An amazing selection of bars and clubs can be found on the island, hosting parties to all hours of the morning. If night time is when you thrive, you will be in your element in Santorini.

However, if you prefer a more low-key, laid-back type of hang out, the lounges on the Caldera side are perfect. Not only can you see a beautiful Mediterrean view, but these clubs tend to have comfortable seating, stylish interior design, and great music. They also tend to be less crowded, making it much easier to relax after a day in the Greek sun.


Every different type of accommodation can be booked on the island of Santorini. Travelers can find apartments for as low as 40 euro per room, per night. If you need more amenities, look into staying at a full-service hotel for less upkeep.

Anna Traditional Apartments: All of the studios and apartments in this complex, which are complete with hand-crafted furniture, have private balconies to absorb the unsurpassed view. Amenities include free airport transfer, a large outdoor swimming pool, private bathrooms, daily cleaning, TV, air conditioner, kitchenette, and more. A studio apartment for 2 can be reserved for 40 euro a night. The highest price in the high season is 95 euro for an apartment that houses 4. It is an understatement to say that this apartment complex offers great value for your money.

Alexander's Hotel: On the island of Santorini is a five star accommodation for travelers of many budgets. This hotel has three suites, four villas, five cave houses, four apartments, some of which provide a beautiful view of the city, or an expansive view of the aqua-colored Aegean Sea. Each residence maintains a great amount of natural elements like architecture and color, especially in the cave rooms. Prices start at 140 euro (about $200) for the Jade Cave Villa which accommodates 5 adults maximum. Travelers will find themselves in a unique and luxurious paradise surrounded by the white-washed, blue-domed buildings and friendly locals that are so characterisic of Greece.


The cuisine of Santorini relies heavily on their own agricultural products which is made extraordinary by the geography, climate and farming techniques of the area. Specialties include capers, fava beans, fresh cheese, omlettes, and figs all flavored by popular local herbs like dill, thyme,saffron and of course oregano. You'll have no problem pairing any dish on the menu with one of the many great wines made in Santorini.

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