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Saint Paul Minnesota


St. Paul is the second, smaller section of the Twin Cities duo, Minneapolis- St. Paul. Although it is slightly smaller in stature, St. Paul is the capital of Minnesota and a worthy destination, boasting both easy access to its larger neighbor while maintaining a smaller city feel. St. Paul has an outdoorsy appeal with its lakes and bike paths and city smarts with several shopping centers and museums.

Like its larger twin St. Paul is located near the Mighty Mississippi-Minnesota River connection, which has made it a historical hub for trade and transportation. But in recent times the city has modernized becoming more influenced by its role in government and general commerce.


Several thousand years ago a mound building tribe known as the Hopewell's resided in the St. Paul area leaving behind mound graves that can today be found in Mound Park. The area was later settled by the Dakota Tribe which was living in the region when European fur trappers and traders arrived during the 1800's. The Dakota's moved from the region in the 1830's due to a treaty and in 1841 Father Galtier created the St. Paul Catholic Cathedral which influenced the naming of the city. In 1849 St. Paul was named capital of the Minnesota Territory and eleven years later when Minnesota became a state St. Paul remained its capital. With its location on the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers and the arrival of rail St. Paul remained an important post for America's move west throughout the next century.


Like its neighbor St. Paul's streets are difficult to drive because the cities settlers followed the river rather than a traditional grid system. The streets also have a tendency to change names when they change neighborhoods making it difficult for non-natives to navigate.


Minnesota State Capitol?
Indian Mounds Park?
Cathedral of Saint Paul?
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