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Saint Barts

Your tiny propeller plane starts to descend, but you see only a hilly scene ahead. Covering your eyes and holding on tight, you peek, watching as your plane head right for a mountain side. Right when you are sure you're going to crash, and plane slides between two different peaks and lands gracefully on a runway. Your plane comes to a halt ten feet from a beach, and no even moves a muscle while they tan right before your eyes. You have just landed in Saint Barts, the French collectivity in the Caribbean.

Saint Barts is a beautiful Caribbean Island with a touch of French luxury with the great shopping, fine dining, and did I say nude beaches? It has been known as the caribbean playground of the rich, and clearly is that with its villa hotels and beach front locations.

While there you can tour the small Island, look at local shops, or just lie on the beach. You could go sailing or jet ski to see the island from the water, or bike ride along the hilly island roads to get yet another view. In January, the St. Barts music festival is held and in August the film festival is held, which make both of those months optimum time for vacationing.

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