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Roswell New Mexico

Being founded in 1870, Roswell, New Mexico has a rich wealth of interesting history. Originally nothing more than a very small adobe hut village, quite often attacked by Mescalero Indians, Roswell now hosts more than 200,000 visitors each year.

Home to one of the biggest mysteries of our time, Roswell is the nation's capital of UFO phenomenon. The crash of a saucer back in the 1940s near Roswell still sparks an enormous interest from visitors from all over the world. If you are a UFO enthusiast, Roswell is the heart of the movement, with two musuems dedicated to solving the mystery. There is always someone available to discuss any topic related to the field, show you photos, or share their videos.

Some of the more adventurous spots around the area include White Sands Missle Base?, Bottomless Lake? with camping facilities, plenty of hiking and bike trails, even a wonderful walking tour of homes with almost every style of architecture near downtown.

Performing arts, six fine museums containing the works of such artists as Georgia O'Keefe and Henriette Wyeth, a planetarium, three golf courses, New Mexico Military Institute? and of course the infamous UFO Days (complete parade) will keep you busy for a couple of days making Roswell a most unusual vacation destination. (If people-watching is your thing, don't miss the parade!

Plenty of restaurants (great Mexican food!) and lodging is available.

You will be about a scenic hour's drive from Riodoso? with skiing, horseracing and casinos. The drive up to the mountains is a refreshing change of pace, with fresh cherry cidar stands along the way.

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