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Rome is the capital of Italy and is considered to be the center of antiquity. Located in the heart of Italy, Rome is the meeting point of southern and nothern Italian traditions. Surrounding Vatican City, a separate sovereign state, Rome is full of ancient culture rich in religion, politics and architecture. Rome has survived political unrest, a fascist regime, and several large wars. Even with Rome's vast history the city maintains a metropolitan and modern feel.


Legends surround Rome’s formation with one suggesting that Romulus and Remus, twins raised by a she-wolf, founded it in 753 B.C. Romulus marked the parameters of the city on the hill of the Palatine and called it Roma. He went on to kill his brother and become the first king of Rome.

Rome grew powerful under its monarchy and went on to rule most of Europe and parts of the Middle East. Eventually power began to fade and the city began to fall. Rome experienced a rebirth when the Papacy established itself in Rome.

In the 19th century Rome became essential to the unification of Italy. After WWI, fascism took over Rome. During WWII, Nazi occupation and Allied forces bombings damaged the city. In 1946 a referendum abolished the monarchy and established the Italian Republic.

During the 1950s and 1960s Rome was considered a fashionable city. Today it is dependent upon tourism but still has much to offer in both history and high fashion shopping.


Expect to wait in lines in Rome. It is impossible to see and do everything in a couple days so plan on picking and choosing. During the summer Rome is full of tourists; hotels and events fill up quickly. There are many sites in Rome where you may wait for several hours, call ahead or contact a travel agent to make sure you have time to see everything. It is huge city full of different attractions.

For high-end fashion there is a strip near the Spanish Steps that has designer stores.


Trajan's Markets

Piazza Venezia and the Capitoline Hill were built in the second century and are a fantastic reminder of times past. Here you will see libraries, a temple, Trajan's column, and a wonderful market to explore and rediscover some of the essence of Rome

Capitoline Museums

Here you will see not 1 but 2 seperate museums and they both house an impressive display of Roman sculpture and the Palazzo dei Conservatori and Braccio Nuovo

Etruscan Museum at Villa Giulia

Visit this museum and you will discover the hidden artifacts that were entombed back in the 16th Century. Impressive carvings and wonderful art work are all on display and will definitley delight you

St Peter's Church

Surely there isnt a bigger church in the world, this famous immense church is just asking you to visit it. Besides what you will see inside, such as amazing paintings and with some from the masters themselves. There is also the mysterious archelogical site to explore and who knows wander around long enough and your likley to run into the pope himself.


This is definitley something to see. The catacombs are a series of tunnels that have been carved out of sheer rock inorder to bury the dead. The catacombs were also a secret meeting place for Christians to gather while the religion was still banned in Rome.

Spanish Steps

One of the most famous Roman tourist spots, these 138 steps can be beautiful or they can be overcrowded with local vendors and tourists. The Spanish Steps are most vivid and lit up at night, so if you are up for dealing with crowds, this time of day would be the most worth it.

Trevi Fountain

Being the largest and most popular fountain in Rome, the Trevi Fountain should be on the to-do list while visiting. It was cleaned and restored in 1998, making it presently appear even more majestic. It is crowded at both night and day, but the ctowd is manageable. Either time of day would be worth visiting, and if you are one of the millions who adore the city of Rome, throw a coin in the fountain- the saying goes if you throw in a coin you will someday return to Rome!


It was built in 125 AD as a temple for the Ancient Roman gods, but is now used as a Christian church and is also opened up to tourists. As it is the oldest standing Roman dome, the Pantheon is a necessary stop for travellers. Not only will the outer and interior architectures leave you awestruck, but the dome has an open circle at its top, allowing in a single beam of sunlight, creating an experience beyond words. The Pantheon is not overwhelmingly crowded either.

Vatican City



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