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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ohio

An amazing piece of architecture in the shape of a giant pyramid, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located off of Lake Erie? in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. It shows the progression of rock from the start of blues to the music of today. David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust outfits and ZZ Top's car are displayed here, along with Michael Jackson's famous sequined white glove, and "The Wall" from the Pink Floyd tour of the same name. There are numerous displays of outfits worn by performers from the past up until today, with a special display of clothing worn by teen idols through the years, from Bobby Sherman to Brittany Spears.

Check out Jim Morrison's report cards, John Lennon's handwritten lyrics, and a multitude of other artifacts donated by the musicians, private collectors, or their families. Don't miss the interview with Jimi Hendrix's father, which takes you back to the beginning of Jimi's career--his narration is very entertaining. There are always featured movies and exhibitions, which change about every 8 months or so.

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