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Quebec City

Quebec City is a beautiful piece of Europe in North America! For the traveler on a budget, but still longing to see the gorgeous architecture of Europe, Quebec City is the perfect getaway! The city is romantic and stunning, though during the day it can feel a little like being in a Disney theme park. At night, it is the perfect place to enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city to take in all its night time splendor.

Quebec City
Quebec City

The city is rich in history. One of the oldest settlements in North America, Quebec was established by the Frenchman Samuel de Champlain. There are plenty of historic and amazing things to see, such as forts and the citadelle.

In Quebec, Quebecoise-French is spoken along with English. However, most people appreciate you at least trying to speak French. Buy a phrase book, but beware, the more rural you get, English is actually less spoken!

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