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Point Pleasant New Jersey

This beach on the Jersey shore is a popular spot for day trippers. It features a boardwalk with a variety of traditional boardwalk food - french fries, funnel cake and candy apples - as well as some healthier fare like smoothies and fruit cups (all options are equally expensive!) The boardwalk also has several games, souveneir shops and arcades. The claw machines in the arcades now offer the chance to win Coach bags and Ipods, as well as the more traditional stuffed animals.

A main attraction at Point Pleasant is Jenkinson's Pavilion. It is a full-service restaurant open at 11 am daily during the summer season. At night, it caters to an over 21 crowd and often has live music, radio broadcasts and other entertainment.

Point Pleasant charges $6.50 to go on the beach during a weekday and $7.50 on the weekend.

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