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Personal Story 1 Vienna

The harminous sounds flow into my ears and jolt me out of a exhaustive daze. Where could I be that such force from the percussion and strings mesh together to create a masterpiece for the audience. The strings reach a high inneundo, the drums come to a climax, the horns blow for their life. The recipie for the oveture was deliciously created. Oh, Mozart, I wish I could climb into that brilliant mind of yours and see how you saw life. Outside of the grand Vienna Opera House, the city is bustling in the same harmony. The people, the food, the intricate architecture blends together into an artform, more so than any chef could have dreamed of.

The clops of the magnifcant horse drawn carriages around the ring road are a strange sound. Here in the 21st century, the horses still travel right by side with the sleek mercedes taxi cabs. Old meets new, just like the city of Vienna. The clicks and clacks of the trolleys and street cars. Oh, what a sense to see them travel around town, picking up and unloading the mass of people. Everything just glides together for the ingredients of a beautiful city. Just sit down while enjoying this and taste the sweet and sugary sweets that the outdoor cafes offer your taste buds. Coffee or schnapps with these ease the day's few stresses. The final and best ingrediant to top this harminous atmosphere is something that Mozart or Heyden could not have even dreamed of. The ringing of the bells of St Stephen's cathedral. The bombs of WWII could not even harm these chimes that will enterain and please the citizens for ever. Vienna & Harmony. One in the same.

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