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Omaha Nebraska


Omaha, Nebraska has something for everyone. Here you will find the world class Henry Doorly Zoo? with something new added every year. There is a huge desert dome with a special "Kingdoms of the Night" exhibit. The Lied Jungle? is a terrific domed rain forest. Newer exhibits include the Hubbard Gorilla Valley? and Hubbard Orangutan Forest?.

Very close by is Rosenblatt Stadium?, home of the Omaha Royals?, the AAA affiliate of the Kansas City Royals?. In mid-June, the stadium becomes the home of the College World Series, where the eight best college baseball teams come to compete for the title of College World Series Champion?.

Other tourist attractions include Historic Boys Town?, Joslyn Art Museum?, the Omaha Children's Museum?, and the Old Market?. Whether you are strolling, shopping, or sightseeing, you can easily spend a very enjoyable vacation in the small town atmosphere of Omaha.


The word Omaha comes from the Native American word for 'those going against the current'. Since the 1600s, the area was occupied by the Omaha, Pawnee, Otoe, the Missouri, the Ponca and Ioway. This area was passed by the Lewis and Clark Expedition and become the site of Fort Lisa, Fort Atkinson, and Cabanne's Trading Post. In 1846, the Mormon's built a town called Cutler's Park here.

In 1854, with the passing of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, settlers came to stake out claims to the land and the city of Omaha was founded. This, however, led to violent tactics by the Omaha Claim Club. A vigilante group to stop claim jumpers, they themselves used power to get land. Into the early 1900s, immigrant areas popped up in the city of Omaha including Little Italy and Little Bohemia.


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