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Oak Park Illinois

Oak Park is a lively suburb of Chicago located directly west of the city. Being only nine miles away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, Oak Park provides a perfect home to families who prefer raising children in a smaller community. easy L access makes the trip downtown painless. Because of its short distance to the city, Oak PArk has been home to many notorious Italian organized crime families since the early twentieth century.

There's tons to do and see in the village of Oak Park. Movie theaters (I recommend Lake theater located on Lake Street), restaurants (my favorite being Johnnie's Italian Beef or Alpine subs, which are actually on North Avenue, slightly north of Oak Park in a community known as Elmwood Park), and fun outdoor events make this a great town in which to live and visit. Having been raised there, I certainly took the amazing architecture for granted in the village as well. Oak Park was once the home of famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. His original home remains on Chicago Avenue near central Oak Park. Not only did Wright build this home, but he raised his entire family there and used it as a workspace throughout most of his life. Many of his other homes and creations remain in Oak Park. There are many tours for all those who appreciate architecture to enjoy.

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