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Northern California

Northern California spans from Monterey to the Oregon border. It has a diverse landscape: Pacific coastline, farmland, grasslands, mountains, and redwood forests all occupy the region. Northern California is known for its relaxed, slower pace, and is a hub for technology and innovation, as Pixar and Google are headquartered here. Politically, the area is split: San Francisco and its surrounding areas are liberal, while other areas, including Sacramento and the region’s more rural north, lean conservative.

Northern California’s climate is less mild than that of the state’s southern region – rain is common all year in the northern part of the state. The San Francisco Bay Area stays cool all year, averaging 40 degrees in the winter and 75 in the summer. The valleys and areas north of the Bay Area get humid and hot in the summer (above 100 degrees) and moderately cold in the winter. Snow is abundant in mountainous regions in the winter.

Noted Cities and Areas:
Central Valley
Gold Country and Sonora
Lake Tahoe
Mount Shasta
Santa Cruz
San Francisco
San Jose
Sequoia National Park
Silicon Valley
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Yosemite National Park

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