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New York-Sex And The City Style

By Kaitlyn Davis

Are you a fan of "Sex and the City", well what woman isn't? The questions much of a fan are you? Die Hard? If you are, this is the tour for you. You'll see fifteen essential sights that made the hit movie what it was, and step in the same spots as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

1) The New York Public Library - Walk up the grand staircase, through the front door and into Carrie and Big's wedding location. This hot spot is a must see for any fan. Maybe even strap a blue bird to your head and pretend you're Carrie on the big day.

2) Lumi Restaurant, 963 Lexington Avenue - What can be more dramatic than your water breaking and running into the man that broke your best friends heart, all within a 5 minute period? I don't know, but ask Charlotte because that's what happened her while dining in this Italian cafe.

3) Starbucks, Astor Place - There are dozens of Starbucks in New York City, so what makes this one so special? It's where Carrie takes on a personal assistant and starts changing her attitude after Big broke her heart.

4) 82nd Street and 5th Avenue - Look at the buildings right across the Famous Metropolitan Museum of Art and see if you can pick out the one from the flick. Carrie and Mr. Big were planning to move into the large penthouse apartment in this expensive building.

5) Bemelmans Bar, the Carlyle Hotel - Having issues on love? So did Louise, and this is where she asked Carrie for advice about her ex-boyfriend back in St. Louis.

6) Christie's, Rockefeller Center - Remember the ring that Samantha was dying for? This is the sight of the auction that sent her into a bidding war with the mystery phone man.

7) Mercedes Benz, Fashion Week, Bryant Park - Samantha's fur coat was sentenced to death by red paint in this scene of the movie. The girls were just exiting their front-row seats at a runway show when activists pelleted poor Sam in an act of protest.

8) Conde Nast Building, Times Square - Carrie looked beautiful as she posed for her very own article on finally getting married at the age of forty, and this is where she made the deal. Vogue never looked so good!

9) Le Carrousel, Bryant Park - This popular children's ride amused Lily in a scene of the movie, when Charlotte and her husband Harry took her here to play.

10) Perry St., West Village - Carrie lived in the Upper East Side right? Well, she was supposed to but the outside of her brownstone was really shot in this spot in the West Village.

11) Diane Von Furstenberg Store, 440 west 14th Street - In a simple movie moment, Carrie browses these racks while talking on the phone to Samantha, filling her in on the New York gossip since Sam had moved to Malibu.

12) Buddakan, 75 9th Avenue - Wish you'd been invited to the rehearsal dinner? Well, now you can invite yourself. See the spot where Carrie gave Big his supposedly last "single girl" kiss, the night before he pulled a no show on their big day.

13) Central Park Reservoir - If you like running, you should try going along these paths for inspiration. It's where Charlotte rediscovered her love for jogging even though she was worried it may harm her baby.

14) Duane Reade, 873 Broadway - Visit this spot near Halloween and see the same things Carrie and Miranda saw while shopping for a costume for Miranda and her little boy..."Witch or Sexy Kitten?" Your Choice!

15) Raoul's, 180 Prince Street - If you've ever been alone on Valentine's day, why not eat here with a friend like Miranda and Carrie did when they were left without a man on the big day.

After visiting all of these sights, you won't only been an expert on the girls, but you'll practically be one of them! So dress up, put on your best heels and enjoy!

(Spots chosen from an article in the June 9, 2008 issue of Star Magazine, Pg 78-79)

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