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Montgomery Alabama


This state capital was the Confederacy's first Capital during the Civil War, so be sure you visit the First White House of the Confederacy. It also was active in the Civil Rights movement and has a wonderful Civil Rights Memorial.


Up until 1800, this place was populated by the Alibamu Indians. Two Indian towns were located here called Ikanatchati and Towasa. Settlers sparsely inhabited the area until 1814 when Arthur Moore and his group built cabins on the riverbanks. It was permanently founded when two competing towns merged together in 1819.

Montgomery was known for its cotton production and was an important place for shipping cotton in the area. It was named the State capital in 1846. During the Civil War, this city was the site of the capital of the Confederate States. Montgomery was also a prominent site for the Civil Rights Movement. This is where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and the bus boycott then took place.


Alabama Shakespeare Festival
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