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What a Beautiful Place

With so much to do and see, no matter how old you are or what you're looking for, you will be fascinated by this exotic land. It's all here, and then some! Follow Genghis Khan's footsteps and see what he actually achieved. He was much more than what we commonly know of him. Simply fascinating!



Capital: Ulaanbaatar

Climate: Mongolia is generally hot and dry with unexpected dust storms, which are really quite something to see.

Languages: Mongol, Turkic, Russian and a little English

Time Zone: UTC + 8

Power: 230 V, 50 Hz

Currency: togrog


Mongolia is famous for it's traditional festivals, especially the popular mid-summer Naadam sports festival. Here you will see wrestling, archery and horse-racing. See the Eagle Festival of the Kazakh Eagle Hunters in the western part of the country and check out the mid-winter ice-festival held on the frozen Lake Khovsgol in the north. Don't forget to visit the monasteries of the steppes as these are well worth the effort and steeped in history.

Mongolia is a wonderful place to go rafting, horse riding and trekking. Take a guided tour on an easy or intermediate trek depending on how fit you are. If you're into fishing well Mongolia offers some fantastic fly fishing.

Tavanbogd National Park

This beautiful park includes the three lakes of Khoton Nuur, Khurgan Nuur and Dayan Nuur. A remote place divided from China by the high wall of snow-capped peaks, Tavanbogd is known to local Kazakhs as the Syrgali region. Try your hand at rafting downriver from Dayan Nuur. It's a great way to truly appreciate the park.

Four Holy Peaks

The peaks surrounding Ulaanbaatar are the Tsetseegum, Chingeltei, Songino Khairkhan and Bayansurkh mountains which correspond to the four points on the compass. This is a very impressive sight to see and will leave you wondering.




It's really up to you as far as what you want out of your holiday in Mongolia. You can either camp out under the stars, stay in a mountain hut, or choose a luxurious hotel. Choose your destinations, then check out the available accommodations. Leave the car behind and get much closer to nature and to the local people.


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