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Molokai Hawaii

Truly the home to the Aloha tradition, Molokai prides itself on being true to the old ways of the Hawaiian people. The fifth largest island in the chain, Molokai sits closely next the to the tourist spots of Oahu and Maui. There are no monster developments on this land, nor are there tourists crammed on every inch of sand. Nope, this little untouched paradise seems to fly under the radar of most travelers while offering the same beauty of as its sister islands.

The island is consisted of little villages, no bustling cities. Instead, roaming horses can be seen grazing along the beaches, helping themselves to the luscious nature that encircles them. Native Hawaiians make up the majority of the population on this tiny island. There are no clubs or raging nightlife spots, but if relaxing in the tranqulity that is the Pacific Ocean is your bag, then you have hit the jackpot.

Molokai offers a variety of landscapes for travelers. To the west of the island, the climate is dry with smalls hills forming a unique backdrop. To the East, lush, tropical cliffs are home to breathtaking waterfalls falling to the green valley below.

Leave your worries behind as you enjoy a relaxing, nature-full wonder that is the "Most Hawaiian" island.

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