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Minneapolis Minnesota


Minneapolis, Minnesota is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and is the larger portion of the famous Minneapolis-St. Paul duo, aka the Twin Cities. Known as the “City of Lakes” in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” Minneapolis is a great city to be in if you love nature but can’t bear being miles away from civilization. Within the city limits of Minneapolis are 24 small lakes, 10 miles of parks, and miles worth of bikeways. The civilization portion of the city is also quite impressive. Minneapolis has the third largest theatre market in the United States and boasts several quality art and music centers. The Twin Cities region also offers The Mall of America?, which is not the largest mall in the world, but the most visited.


The Minneapolis area was home to various native American tribes until the early 1800’s when it was signed over to the United States Army and turned into a fort. The city did not develop into anything more than a fort until the pre and post Civil War period when its location next to the river made it ideal for the lumber and grain industries.


The Twin Cities region is the coldest major metropolitan area in the United States. Because of the chill factor 80 city blocks of downtown are connected on the second level by tunnels known as skyways. The city has an impressive collection of bike paths, but for obvious reasons during the winter a majority of people drive. The city for the most part uses a grid system, but when necessary it follows the direction of the river. Minneapolis also uses a multi-colored street sign system. Typically a blue sign indicates streets that are plowed first, rust colored indicates east-west streets, light green indicates north-south, and dark green means a street that runs through scenic lake and park areas.


Cedar Lake?

Lake of the Isles?

Lake Calhoun?

Lake Harriet?

Lake Nokomis?

Minnehaha Creek?

Tower Hill?

Park Comon?

Mall of America?



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