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Miami Florida


Home of the Heat in more ways than one, Miami is one of the biggest tourist destinations in America. What makes Miami so ďcalienteĒ (Spanish for hot.) is its unique combination of climate, clubbing, and cultural diversity.

Located in southeastern Florida, Miami is known as the ďThe Gateway of the AmericasĒ because it is located so closely to Cuba, the Caribbean Islands, and South America. Because of its location a large portion of Miamiís population is Hispanic, and the city has three official languages: English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

Recently Miami has also become known as one of the great party cities of the world, tempting celebrities from all over the planet into its exclusive nightclubs, neighborhoods, restaurants, and resorts. It is also located in the vicinity of some of the finest beaches in the United States.


Miamiís history goes back nearly 12,000 years with a variety of Native American tribes. The first involvement of Europeans came from the Spanish during the 1500ís. Although the Spanish did not set up a consistent base until the 1800ís they did leave the natives with smallpox, greatly decimating the original population. Growth was slow in Miami until several freezes during the 1890ís killed most of Floridaís citrus crop, except for Miamiís, jumpstarting Miamiís economy. During World War II many soldiers were trained in Miami and they returned to Miami after the completion of the war adding largely to Miamiís population. But the main growth in Miamiís population occurred a few years after the 1959 revolution of Fidel Castro in Cuba. After Castro began cutting back on Cuban rights there began a steady stream of both legal and illegal immigrants to Miami from Cuba that continues to this day.


South Beach?, considered by some to have the most fabulous clubbing in the world, is not located in Miami proper, but the nearby city of Miami Beach.

Miamiís hurricane season occurs typically from June to November.

Due to Miamiís diverse population most signs are posted in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole.

It is also important to note that Miami is a city of polarity. It is both the least affordable place to live in the United States, because of its outlandish real estate prices, and has one of the largest percentages of people living under the poverty line.


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