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Miami Beach Florida


A little over the top during spring break, but always enjoyable. The early morning sunrise is not to be missed; the boardwalk provides a wonderful view of this special time of day.

Miami Beach is definitely the place for excitement! The one thing that is a must is lots of sunscreen or else you'll end up looking like a lobster. There are lots of resturants as well as nightclubs. There is a lot of nightlife for those who like to party. The boardwalk goes on for miles and gives you the chance to check out the scenery. There are lots of resorts right along the beach. Each one is very elegant, some a bit more than others. Located a few blocks from the beach is "The Jackie Gleason?" theater. Established by the comedian and lead character of the famous show "The Honeymooners." Tons of souvenir shops as well as boutique shops.

Cubans, Brazilians, Colombians, Peruvians and Venezuelans represent the majority of residents.


Miami Beach was incorporated in March 1915. Throughout the years it has become the home for the country's most famous beach resorts. Miami Beach's Art Deco Historic District has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979.


The Art Deco District provides the largest collection of Art Deco architecture worldwide.

South Beach, SoBe or the Beach is probably the most popular area of Miami Beach. Poverty and crime share the spot with one of the richest commercial areas on the beach.

If you are staying in the zone, go to Lincoln Road which is a great place for shopping and outdoorsing.

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