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Medellin Colombia


Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia as well as the second most important economic center in the country. This city has a population of over 3 million and the only metro-rail system in Colombia. Medellin is hometown to many of the so called colombian Top Models and is nationally recognized for the beauty of his women. As a shopping center, the city is home to Colombiamoda (Colombia's own fashion week).


A background of Medellin would immediately lead us to an approach of the infamous "Cartel de Medellin" and its founder Pablo Escobar. This city is one of the most beautiful in Colombia and South America, nevertheless during the late 80's and early 90's, it was the terrorist war led by Escobar the fact that made this city part of the international media and also the reason why it gain reputation as a dangerous city full of violent episodes. Although tragic events have taken place, Medellin has come forward and has made a huge effort to change its negative image. Nowadays, the city has become an outstanding home for important universities such as EAFIT, industries, commerce and flower production (Flower'f Fair takes place in August and is the most important celebration of Medellin).


Among Medellin's recognitions is the fact that its weather is the nicest in Colombia. Temperatures get as low as 54 F (12 C) or as high as 72F (22 C). One of the most famous painters in the world was born in Medellin: Fernando Botero whose art is recognized for its voluptuous figures. The colombian capital of tango as it's also known has developed into one of the main touristic destinies in the country.


Going to the Museum of Antioquia, where most of Botero's work is exhibited after being donated by the artist is a must for those interested in the artistic side of Colombia. "Plaza Mayor" is the center for expositions and congresses; Spain Library located in a former violent space; "El Poblado" is the most exclusive suburb in town. Shopping centers such as "El Tesoro" are located there. Clothing fabricated in Medellin is well recognized for its quality and great designs. "Pueblito Paisa" or Paisa Town is a must whenever visiting Medellin. It's located near the Medellin river and offers the best view of the city.


Trying out the so called "Bandeja Paisa" is a must in Medelling. If you don't do it, you haven't been there. Probably most restaurants will offer this plate so finding a place to try it won't be an issue. Among the best restaurants we count: "Herbario", "Mezeler" and "La Cafetiere de Anita", "La Provincia" or "Casa Molina".


finding a place to go out at night will be hardly an issue. In every major city in Colombia, a wide supply of spots will be available. "Kukaramakara", "Chiquita pa' bailar" are great for dancers. If your are more into the lounge style "Open Sky" and "Flow" are your thing. Vinacure is always an option or "Vox" for having drinks.


Hotels such as "Estelar Poblado Plaza" or Four Points Sheraton are just too of teh most exclusive ones in teh city. Renting an appartment is also a cheap and fun options if you do so with a group of at least four people.


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