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Mansfield Ohio

Mansfield Ohio, also known as the "Racing Capital of Ohio" is the county seat of Richland County. Mansfield was founded in 1808 and is home to the first courthouse in the nation which was erected in Mansfield during the War of 1812. This, however, is far from Mansfield's only claim to fame. Those who enjoy American history will certainly love to visit the lush orchards founded by John Chapman, famously known as "Johnny Appleseed". Richland County, named for its fertile soil, provided Johnny Appleseed with the perfect location for his orchards, many of which can still be seen today. Lovers of nature will also enjoy a quiet stroll through Mansfield's two beautiful state parks,

Mansfield also offers more modern attractions. It is home to both the Mansfield Motorsports Speedway and the Mid-Ohio Sports Car course. For those who love skiing, Mansfield is home of the Clearfork and Snow Trails Ski resorts. Mansfield can also boast of its rich theatrical and film tradition. Mansfield served as the location for the filming of The Shawshank Redemption as well as the film Air Force One. It is also home of the stately Rennaissance Theatre and Mansfield Playhouse (one of the oldest in Ohio). The city also hosts the annual Miss Ohio Pagent...the winner of which will compete for the title of Miss America. With all of these attractions, it is safe to say that Mansfield Ohio is truly a tourist destination with something for everyone!!

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