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Magic Mountain, California Travel Guide

Owned by the greater Six Flags Theme Parks, Magic Mountain is located in Valencia north of Los Angeles.

  For the big kid at heart, it's exciting to see

Bugs Bunny and his friends greeting tourists as you enter this very fun park! Definitely a plus for the entire family. There are tons of rides and shops.
Personally, I don't know where the courage came from but when my daughters dared me to go on the 'Free Fall' and this 'Colossus' roller coaster which goes backwards as well as forward, I just bit my upper lip and appeared brave as I joined in. Much to my amazement, I had the time of my life and now Magic Mountain remains my favorite theme park in America!
I couldn't leave without stopping at the Fotozine where they take a picture of you and you decide which magazine cover to have your photo imprinted on. I choose to shock my spouse with my only chance of appearing on Playboy.

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