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Las Vegas Nevada


Las Vegas, Nevada is the largest city in the otherwise lowly populated state of Nevada. Historically speaking Nevada is a very young city even by American standards and without the nearby building of the Hoover Dam, in the 1930’s, it most likely would have never become the city it is today.

Today Vegas is known as “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” and is home to some of the finest gambling, shows, shopping, thrill-rides, clubs and all-around ostentatious entertainment in the world. In “Sin City,” as Las Vegas is sometimes called, it is possible to see trained tigers, loose a fortune, try to eat all you literally can, view an hourly-erupting volcano, win a fortune, partake in pirate spectacular, go on a gondola ride, go rock climbing, get married by an Elvis impersonator and view a few more manmade miracles, all in one night.

Vegas Paris Casino
Vegas Paris Casino


After Nevada was annexed from Mexico in 1855, Mormon missionaries set up a Fort in now day Las Vegas in the hopes of converting the local Native American population. After their attempts failed they returned to Salt Lake City and the area became a ranching area and a popular stopping spot on the Mormon Trail. In 1905 the railway from California finally came allowing Las Vegas to grow large enough to officially become a city. Real growth, however, did not occur until work started on Boulder Dam (today Hoover Dam) in 1931. That year gambling was also legalized. Eventually the city proved too seedy for prohibition politicians, so workers of the dam were forced to live in the newly created Boulder city, during the creation of the dam. That, however, did not stop them from spending their spare time in the city of sin. After the prohibition era ended, organized crime moved into Las Vegas, turning the city into the gambling and entertainment capital of the world.


Within the city limits of Las Vegas there is a larger than normal alcohol related traffic deaths.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas Attractions .


Casinos off the strip include:

  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Gold Coast
  • Four Queens Hotel & Casino
  • The Golden Nugget
  • Hilton Hotel and Casino

General Motors 'The Drive'


Most casinos offer a full breakfast for a dollar or less before 6 am. Many have wonderful buffets in the evening, especially Main Street Casino.


Jackpot City

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