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Discover Laos

There is so much to do here it's unbelievable. You cannot possibly get bored! This is an incredibly beautiful country and the people reflect it's beauty. Laos offers some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world for you to enjoy.


Capital: Vientiane

Climate: Tropical weather so expect hot humid days and sultry nights.

Currency: Kip

Time Zone: UTC + 7

Languages: French, English and Lao

Power: 230 V 50 Hz


Try a trek through the jungle:

Luang Prabang Mekong trek (2 days)
Muang Ngoi trek (4 days)
Laos Discovery (6 days)

These are just a sample of what's available. Guided tours are everywhere, just save the hassle and check before you leave.

Khone Phapheng

This is known as the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia and is one of the most incredibly beautiful sights to visit. You will find it at the southern end of Si Phan Don.

Phan Don

Phan Don is home to the rare and gentle Irrawaddy dolphins, which can be seen at the southern tip of Don Khon. The falls are often included on the itinerary of dolphin-viewing day trips.

Ho Chi Minh Trail

For those interested in war history, the Ho Chi Minh Trail is a variety of dirt paths and gravel roads. The trail was used by the North Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War and again by the Viet Minh against the French. This walk will transport you back in history and you cant help but feel what it was like as you walk along.


The capital city of Laos sits on a bend in the Mekong River amid alluvial plains. Vientiane is a laid-back city with a number of interesting monasteries and wonderfully busy markets to explore.




Either camp out or stay in one of the luxury hotels, Laos offers it all. Accommodations are priced to suit all budgets so check before you depart.


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