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Lamington National Park Gold Coast

Outstanding Beauty, Heritage Listed Lush rainforests, ancient trees, spectacular views, extensive walking tracks, exceptional ecological importance and natural beauty make this World Heritage-listed park an outstanding place to visit. Declared in 1915, Lamington National Park covers 20,590ha and boasts extensive walking tracks along the McPherson Range, which allow visitors to explore the area’s forests, creeks and waterfalls. Dramatic lookouts afford views over the Gold Coast, south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Lamington is part of the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves of Australia (CERRA) World Heritage Area, which includes the most extensive areas of subtropical rainforest in the world, most of the world’s warm temperate rainforest, and nearly all of the Antarctic beech (Nothofagus moorei) cool temperate rainforest.

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