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La Guajira Colombia


"La Guajira" is one of Colombia's 32 states or "departamentos". It's located in the north coast and bordered by the Caribbean Sea. Wayuu indians represent 40% of Guajira's total population. Arabs are also present in this region, that's why a multiplicity of languages can be heard in the streets.


Arab inmigrants live among locals who once came to this region running away from middle east conflict. Maicao is the city with most concentrated arab population.


The average climate is 27C - 29C and sometimes it can go as hot as 45C. Spanish is Colombia's native language, but in the Guajira department, "wayuunaiki" (wayuu indians which are locals) has been declared since 1992 Guajira's co-official language.


Tourism has a significant importance for the region. Three natural ecoparks like "Parque Nacional Natural Serrania de la Macuira" can be found along with cities like Rioacha and Maicao. Maicao might not be as beautiful as other colombian ones, nevertheless it's well known for its commercial value. Although goods can be cheap, adventuring to this city should only be done with a local. Cabo de la Vela is the most beautiful destination in La Guajira. Amazing beaches with golden sand and a deep blue sea. Rioacha is Guajira's capital. It's a great city for its hospitality, nightlife and great food. Visiting a "Rancheria" (those are the places where wayuus live) like "Dividivi" it's a must. One of the wayuu's would welcome you and explain their lives and customs, their law and even give travelers a taste of their traditional alcoholic drink called "chirrinchi" and their traditional food "Frichi" (goat meat). Finally they dance and dress up traveler with their traditional clothing.


It's all about the food. Eccentricities such as fried turtle and goatee are among the favorites. In every town travelers will find a great variety of restaurants that offer great food and low prices. Lunch prices got an average of 6000 pesos (3 dollars).


Due to the type of region, going to a nightclub it's not an option here. When it comes to nightlife, the lifestyle here it's more small town like. Dinking and makin parties at relatives or friends, going to liquor-stores around the "Plaza", those are the activities that count as nightlife here.


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