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Kunsthistorisches Museum Museum Of Fine Arts Vienna

Kunsthistorisches's huge building houses many of the incredible art collections gathered by the Habsburgs as they added new states to their empire.

This incredible collection of ancient Egyptian and Greek art is housed here. Works on display also include the great masters Velásquez and Titian.

The Rembrandt collection includes two remarkable self-portraits as well as a moving portrait of his mother and one of his sons, Titus.

You will find works by Roger van der Weyden including his Crucifixion triptych, a Memling altarpiece. You will also find Jan van Eyck's portrait of Cardinal Albergati. The museum is incredibly well known for the works of Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

Look out for the work of Van Dyck, Venus in the Forge of Vulcan, or Peter Paul Rubens's Self-Portrait and Woman with a Cape.

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